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Transparent APR Disclosure & Competitive Rates (For Qualified Customers)

At Online US Loans, we strive to provide transparent loan terms and competitive rates to meet your financial needs. While we are not a direct lender, we work with trusted and reputable lending partners to offer you the best loan options available.

Please note that the specific APR rate you will be charged cannot be confirmed until you apply for a loan. However, as a qualified customer, you may expect competitive rates ranging from 4.95% to 35.99% APR (*calculation consistent with applicable regulations). It's important to understand that the actual APR offered may vary based on your creditworthiness, loan amount, and repayment term.

Our lenders provide close-end loan products with repayment terms ranging from 3 to 60 months. These terms and rates are representative of the loan products offered in our network, but not exhaustive.

When you submit a loan request, the lender will determine the APR rate based on the information you provide and their assessment of your creditworthiness. They will always notify you of the specific APR they can offer.

Please keep in mind that APR rates are subject to change without notice, which may result in variations in the total repayment amount.

Once your loan application is accepted by a lender, they will provide you with complete loan details, including the APR, loan finance charges, and all associated terms. It's crucial to carefully review this information to make an informed decision before accepting a loan offer.

At Online US Loans, we prioritize your financial well-being. Our aim is to ensure you have access to clear information and are empowered to make the right choices.

Representative Examples of APR, Total Loan Costs & Fees (For Qualified Customers)

$1,000 Loan for 12 months at an APR of 29.82%: Monthly Payment: $94.56 Total Amount Paid: $1,134.72

$2,000 Loan for 12 months at an APR of 24%: Monthly Payment: $189.12 Total Amount Paid: $2,269.44

$4,000 Loan for 24 months at an APR of 12%: Monthly Payment: $188.29 Total Amount Paid: $4,518.96

These examples demonstrate the potential repayment amounts for specific loan amounts and terms. Please note that individual loan terms may vary based on your personal circumstances and loan agreement.

Online US Loans connects you with lenders who provide loan information and advice. Our service is completely free of charge.